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About Us

Well Grounded is an eco-friendly gardening company providing garden design, installation and maintenance services to Peterborough and the surrounding area. We pride ourselves on our plant knowledge, creative designs, and ecologically minded approach. 

Well Grounded was founded in 2012 by Kollene Drummond and Emily Minthorn out of a love for plants and of the desire to promote and practice sustainable growing and gardening methods.

We began as a market garden, growing a wide variety of vegetables, herbs and flowers to sell through markets and a CSA program.  We transitioned into providing gardening services several years ago. 

In the gardens we design and maintain, we focus on plants that make sense for the location, on healthy pruning techniques, on preserving and creating habitat for other species, on building healthy soils, and on only using natural fertilizers and pesticides. We also love incorporating edible species into ornamental gardens and helping clients establish and maintain veggie and fruit gardens. 

What this might look like in your garden includes practices such as leaving the leaves to decompose, leaving perennial stalks standing over the winter to provide habitat for beneficial insects and shelter the crowns of plants, avoiding the use of plastic landscape fabrics and dyed mulches, and using natural soil builders like leaves, straw, mulch and composts. This also looks like making sure we select appropriate plants for your soil and light conditions. 

Well Grounded is delighted to have the opportunity to create and maintain beautiful, comfortable, and healthy gardens for the Peterborough area. 

Contact us to see how we can help your garden thrive! 

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